51 Things To Do with Pool Noodles

Monday, July 29, 2013

Believe it or not, summer is winding down and is almost over. Back to school ideas are all over the place. Is it going a little too fast for anyone else or is it just me? One good thing about the end of summer is the great deals you can get. 

Specifically pool noodles. You can get them dirt cheap and there are tons of great ideas for them that go beyond swimming. Here's 51 amazing things to do with pool noodles including decorating and crafts, games and activities, and around the house helpers.

Decorations and Craft Idea
  1. DIY // Pool Noodle Garland from Sugar & Cloth
  2. Pool Noodle Napkin Rings from Sew Many Ways
  3. Pool Noodle Head Board at Design Dazzle
  4. Pool Noodle Candy Canes from Spoonful
  5. Pool Noodle Flower Bouquet from No Time For Flash Cards
  6. Flower Party Straws from Obsessively Stitching
  7. Rainbow Arch for the Kids from CAUTION! Twins At Play 
  8. DIY Rope Lamp from The Lily Pad Cottage 
  9. Flip Flop Summer Pool Noodle Wreath from Fox Hollow Cottage
  10. Decorative Nautical Pilings from Miss Kopy Kat
  11. Pool Noodles = the Perfect Halloween Scare Zone from e30e's Library
  12. How to Make a Buried Witch Topiary from Nicki Woo
  13. Birthday Candles from Life Scraps and Patches
  14. Jack's Beanstalk from Oink! The Blog
  15. Patriotic Pool Noodle Firecrackers! from At The Picket Fence

Games and Activities
  1. Pool Noodle Ponies from Ginger Snap Crafts found at Crazy Little Projects 
  2. Noodle Ball from Parents
  3. Easy Pool Noodle Nunchucks from Capital B
  4. Pool Noodle Abacus from Happy Hooligans 
  5. Pool Noodle Bath Pit from from Growing A Jeweled Rose 
  6. DIY: Pool Noodle Race Track from Ramblings From Utopia 
  7. Pool Noodle Lightsabers from Muddy Boots
  8. Fun with Foam Noodle Chains from Teach Preschool
  9. Target Game from Parents
  10. Hoops Course from Parents
  11. Backyard Sprinkler Park from Event Horizons 
  12. Make your own card holder from Ms. Rachel's Room
  13. Custom Safety Sandbox from DIY Network
  14. Pool Noodle Water Wall from Growing A Jeweled Rose 
  15. Surfing on Dry Land from Growing Play
  16. Giant Pool Noodle Rosary from Catholic Icing 
  17. "Floating" Tunnels and Tracks (marble run) from Play At Home Mom LLC
  18. Swimming Tether from LifeProTips
  19. Indoor Basketball from Ever Never Again
  20. Pool Noodle Painting from Playing House 
  21. Pool Noodle Javelin Throw from Therapy Fun Zone
  22. Pool Noodle Sculptures from Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning

Help Around the House
  1. Pool Noodle under a sheet to help kids from falling out of bed from Andy-pandy, Jacky-dandy
  2. Slam Free Doors from Family Home and Life
  3. A Pool Noodle Car Door Guard from C. Murphy
  4. Trampoline Spring Guards from A Delightful Glow  
  5. DIY Floating Cooler from WikiHow 
  6. Pool Noodle Shopping Cart Safety from Living My Life On Purpose 
  7. DIY Boot Straightener from Hotdish & Hallelujahs 
  8. Inexpensive Toddler Proof Door Stopper from Diana Mattoni
  9. Fan Stand Cover from Pam De Vries
  10. Helpful Clothing Hangers from Family Home and Life
  11. Pool Ladder Covers from Kelly York Smothers
  12. Pool Ledge Padding from Cheryl Evans
  13. Car Roof Pads from Jim Miller 
  14. Bed Caster Covers from Phyllis BS


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  1. Thanks for including my rainbow arch!! ;)

  2. Cool ideas Summer is on it's way, I may have o try a few :)

  3. Wow! Quite a round up! I'm guessing I can find a few things to do with some. Thanks for making it easy!

  4. What fun ideas! I love the candy canes!

  5. Such a cool post! I have used pool noodles as a wreath form, before, because they are so darn cheap! LOVE!

  6. What a great collection!! Thanks so much for sharing them!!! :D

    I found you through Stringtown Home's Tips & Tricks party.

  7. Really cool! I love the candy cane idea:) Pinned:)

  8. What a fantastic collection of ideas - this must have taken you forever to put it together! I'd be thrilled if you'd come on over to Pink Recipe Box and link up at Creative Wednesdays: http://pinkrecipebox.com/creative-wednesdays-with-pink-recipe-box-3/

  9. Lots of neat ideas! summer is going way too fast - especially since I have to return to work next week! not happy!!

  10. So nice to have so many pool noodle ideas in one place.

  11. Awesome list of ideas!! I just bought some to put in all of my favorite leather boots to keep them in great shape :) Thanks for sharing

  12. It's cool what all can be done with pool noodles! I love seeing people's ideas and the uses they come up with for all kinds of things.

  13. pool noodle canoe protector. cut each in 4 sections and down one side. slide over the side of the canoe to protect your leg/knee from the canoe. works soooo good!

  14. To make a "camper's potty" use a 5 gallon bucket (available at Home Depot, Lowe's , Walmart) line with a trash bag and use a noodle to attach around the rim of the bucket to be used as a soft seat for the "camper's potty"


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