Using Old Furniture to Make Your Garden Look New {Guest Post by Eva Stephen}

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Now that winter is finally over and the days are getting longer and warmer, I look forward to spending more time outside. There’s nothing like fresh air and the sight of clear sky to uplift my mood. That’s why I’m grateful for my garden. It’s a perfect spot for relaxation after long work hours.

Bring the inside out

All winter we've been trying to bring the outside in, generously watering plants and spreading curtains wide enough to make the house a little brighter. Now it’s time to reverse the process and bring some of that homey, warm atmosphere of our home into the garden.

Decorating your garden should be an entertaining activity and it shouldn't cost a lot of money. If these two “rules” are broken, you should reconsider your strategy. 

The rule of thumb for garden decoration is: use any old furniture you've got. Either you can also sort some new tables and chairs from shop4furniture website. Yard sales are also great for shopping for unique pieces that you can repurpose or even use as they are. If you find a set of wooden chairs and tables that look old enough to be considered stylishly vintage, consider that a winning purchase.

But, gardens are usually equipped with old furniture that we are not using anymore and that can be repurposed for outside use.

Make it colourful and fun

In order to enjoy spending time outside in the garden, you should approach the task of decorating it similarly to how you styled your house. With garden decoration, though, you have even more freedom to be playful, because no one expects it to be a perfect blend of colours, styles and matching furniture pieces. 

Think of colours and details you’d like to be surrounded with. If you have old chairs you are no longer using, have fun painting them some cheerful, uplifting colours. Brett shares an interesting DIY to paint a fabric chair. 

People who plan to spend a considerable amount of time at the back of their house should place an old bed there and cover it with soft pillows and charming covers.

Small details make a big impact, both inside and outside of the house. You probably already have many unusual art pieces, sculptures and even some tacky objects that will have a chance to give a nice touch to your garden setting.

Something for the children

No one can rejoice at the idea of spending a day outside like children, especially after being stuck inside because of freezing winter. You don’t need any big, fancy toys to organize a fun day outside for the kids. All you need in order to make a swing, for example, is a tree, some sturdy rope and an old car tire. View the DIY tree swing here. This simple project can occupy children for hours. You can also hide objects around the garden and have your children look for them, or let them throw a ball, plant flowers, get dirty while painting a chair or a bench, etc. 

Romance is in the garden air

If you want to surprise your partner with a romantic dinner, have it in your garden. All you need is some wine, a delicious meal, two chairs and a table. The rest is provided without any effort and free of charge: starry sky, pleasant breeze and the smell of nature in bloom.

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  1. Oh... I so wish I had nice yard/patio furniture. After reading through this post I'm inspired to get on it. Thanks.


  2. Using old furniture to decorate garden not only uplifts your mood but also gives you a feeling of old time. Just imagine, you've got a few pieces of old furniture sitting on which you used to hang out with your all family members.Now some are grown up and living in different places.

    Actually, I've some wicker chairs torn and tattered, on which I sit in my garden and remember those old days.

    I appreciate your idea of decorating garden with old furniture. One more thing, I like your concept of charge free starry sky and smell of nature in romantic dinner.


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