Valentine's Day Lovey Lemonade

Friday, February 01, 2013

I Love lemonade almost as much as I love Valentine's Day. Fresh squeezed is always the best but I've been known to have a bottle of the store bought stuff once or twice. 

That's why I love Simply Lemonade so much. It's bottled but it's so tasty and it's not bad for you either. As the name suggests it's simply lemons, sugar, and water. 

To make my drink "lovey" I froze raspberry juice in my heart shaped ice cube tray. You might remember it from my DIY Heart Shaped Peanut Butter Cups that I shared last week.

Step One: Fill a clear glass with red raspberry juice ice hearts.

Step Two: Add some lemon lime soda to the hearts. 

Step Three: Fill the glass the rest of the way up with lemonade.

Step Four: Enjoy with someone you love!

Happy Valentines's my friends!

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  1. That is such a great idea! I am having a little party for my daughter. I might try that! Thanks!

    julie @ Naptime Review

  2. Not only beautiful, but sounds really good! I have got to get some of those ice cube trays! I also need to look for raspberry juice because I didn't know you could buy it! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  3. Will the ice cubes work in a sillicone tray? I have one with hearts that I usually use for baking. Never tried putting that in freezer.

  4. I LOVE lemonade! That looks so yummy! I love that you added some bubbly too. What a wonderful drink. I bet this would be amazing in a punch bowl for a party.

  5. This sounds lovely, and I really like those cute little raspberry ice cubes! I've pinned this to my Valentine's ideas board.

  6. So beautiful! It sounds like the perfect Valentine's cooler! Lovely!
    Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  7. Looks very refreshing. Definitely making this. I found you on Homemaker on a Dime and I am a new follower. Come by and visit.

  8. Oh yum, that looks delish... and so cute! :)

  9. Where did you get the heart shaped ice cube makers? Super Cute! Thanks for sharing at Family Fun Friday over at


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