Baby Shower Planning Progress

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hello my friends! I've got more baby shower planning to share with you today. Last week I shared my Free Printable Baby Shower Games that I created for my sister-in-law's "It's A Girl" shower.

This week I've gotten more planning done and some shopping too! With each week that passes I get more and more excited.. You'd think it was MY shower! 

I'm making the cupcake toppers and the water bottle labels out of some pretty pink scrapbook paper. I've got the labels done and cut out but I'm still working on the toppers. 

Due to time constraints we've had to cut the game list from 7 games down to 5. I've got all 20 game packs printed, sorted, and stapled together. 

For the game prizes we've put together little baskets filled with pink girly stuff. Each has a long loofah, a lip gloss, 2 pink disposable razors, and a bar of pomegranate soap. To add to the pink theme I added some pink and white paper crinkles to the bottom of the basket.

Thank goodness for Valentine's Day being so close to the shower because the stores were completely stocked with all kinds of pink and white party stuff. We went with a bubble gum pink for the plates, cups, napkin, and balloons with white mixed in.

I've finally got the menu planned out after many changes to it. It's definitely been the hardest thing for me to plan so far. At first I was going to do a big fancy lunch but I've had to pull myself in from baby shower planning overload.

We decided that since the shower is at 2:00 pm the food should be a lite lunch and snacks. People will most likely have already eaten lunch so they won't be terribly hungry. Although it wasn't intentional, having the shower in between meal times saved a lot of money on the food budget.

I also really wanted to do individually wrapped silverware packs, that I shared in my Baby Shower Ideas post. But as you can see from the menu everything ended up being finger foods. No silverware needed.

My next plan of action is to get as much of the decorations planned and made as I can. I think I'm doing pretty good considering there's still 2 weeks until the big day.

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  1. How fun!! I love all the pink--I bet your sister-in-law loved it!

  2. Oh such cute ideas. My sister-in-law is due in august and I don't know what they are having yet, but if it's a girl I will need to steal some of your ideas here.


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