Nautical Inspired Wine Bottle Wind Chime

Monday, April 30, 2012

I finally had success with cutting a wine bottle... If you haven't seen my failed first attempt check it out HERE, if for nothing else, at least for a laugh :)

Here is a pic of it as a candle cover.. Wouldn't it be so cute to do some of these for an outdoor summer night party? Ahhh I cannot wait for summer!

I did do some things differently when cutting this bottle. It took three times before I finally got it. Here are a couple of hints to make it easier for you:

1. I used regular cotton string this time instead of yarn.

2. I wrapper the string around the bottle 6 times. The first two time I did it I used more and it seemed to be too much.

3. I used a candle on an upside down mason jar to have a constant flame, as I was doing this by myself.

4. Keep the bottle at all times almost vertical with a little tilt to the side to keep the heat inside the top of the bottle.

5. When the string stops burning around the bottle, immediately put it under running COLD water and watch out because it explodes right off the bottle.

Good Luck and Happy Day Everyone!

Faux Wrought Iron Toilet Paper Roll Wreath

I am so excited because I finally accumulated enough empty toilet paper rolls to make another wreath. If you haven't seen my white springtime toilet paper roll wreath Click Here to see it!

This is my new favorite craft. I actually had trouble deciding what I wanted to do with this because there are so many options. I liked the little flowers from my springtime wreath so I decided to go with those again. I did know that I wanted to do this wreath black because it looks so much like wrought iron.

This was surprisingly hard to photograph so I added a couple of different angles so everyone can see it better.

Toilet paper roll wreaths are so stinkin easy it's crazy! All you need is a whole bunch of empty rolls, a hot glue gun, and a little bit of imagination... and if you don't have that then just copy mine :) 

Here is a tutorial to show you how easy it is to make a toilet paper roll flower.

1. Flatten out a roll and cut it into four pieces.. They don't even have to be perfect! How easy is that!?!?

2. Fold three pieces in half. You only need three pieces for a flower so you get four flowers from three rolls.

3. Add a dab of glue in the crease and hold for at least 15 seconds until the glue hardens. 

4. Add another dab of glue on the top of one of the pieces and lay another piece on top of it. Repeat with the three pieces...

To get this...

5. Crimp each of the six pieces by pushing in the top...

To get this...

6. Take the two ends in your fingers and add a dab of glue in the middle and hold until dry.

 To get this...

We now have a bucket under the sink in the bathroom and everyone knows that we do not throw out any type of paper rolls. If you want to start making toilet paper roll crafts I suggest a bucket :) Happy crafting everyone!

Easy No-Sew Kitchen Curtains

Saturday, April 28, 2012

I desperately needed some kind of curtains for my kitchen window over my sink. 

Doesn't it just look empty? 

There had been ugly window blinds up since we moved in and they covered up the really cool windows we have. I really like how they are look separated at the top. So I took the blinds down and whipped up some easy no-sew curtains for the space. 

These are so easy anyone can make them! All you need is some fabric, stitch tape such as Stitch Witchery, an iron, and a tension rod or curtain rod. 

*Remember when measuring that you need to allow more room for the hem. I measured my window and then added on an inch and a half to all sides. 

Then just iron a seam on one side of the fabric, lay a piece of the stitch tape between the layers. Next, lay a damp paper towel or washcloth over the hem and iron. The steam helps to melt to stitch tape and make the hem.  

Do this for the bottom and the two sides first. Then lay your rod in between the fabric so you know where to make the hem and repeat. 

Click Here to see some pictures of the process from my Shoe Rack to Kid's Book Shelf Project. 

I used this happy sunshine material that I got when I was a teenager and have been saving for something just like this. I'm so happy I finally got to use it.. and I still have some left for a curtain topper for the other kitchen window. 

I unfortunately am not blessed with an air conditioned house in the summer months so I use a window fan in this window when I'm cooking to get some of the extra heat out. Because of this I made my curtains shorter than a full window. I wanted to be able to move them above the fan easily.

Hope you liked them.. Thanks for stopping by!

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The 5 step ugly picture to pretty photo message board

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Have you ever been out at a garage sale or thrift shop and seen a picture like this? It's old and outdated and cheap and completely full of potential. 

The key is to think of how you can change something. This picture has a really good frame on it so in a different color I knew I could so something with it. This is how I transformed the ugly old picture into this....

 I'll show you how I did it and how you can do your own in just 5 easy steps.

Here we go..

Step 1: Take your picture frame apart. The picture can be big or small and in any shape you wish... go with what you like best. Be sure to save all your pieces when you do this :) Obvious but just a reminder. 

Step 2: Paint the picture frame in whatever color you love. This one is for my mother so white, black, and pink are the colors I chose to match her room. 

Step 3: Place stickers of any shape and size you like on the glass in a fun pattern. Remember if you want this to be a message board too, you should leave some empty space in between your stickers for writing.

Step 4: Spray paint the glass over the stickers with your desired paint color.

Step 5: Wait for the paint to completely dry or else you will mess up the paint and have to do touch ups. Then, peel off the stickers to get something like this...

Step 6: Place your beautiful pictures or a fun scrapbook paper pattern on the old picture from the frame so that your sticker holes will be covered. I chose a pink sparkly scrapbook paper but my mom may choose to put pictures in it later... or switch out the scrapbook paper. This project is completely versatile!

Step 5: Put the picture frame back together making sure to place the painted side of the glass facing into the frame. I also ran a piece of pink ribbon along the bottom of the frame to add an extra pop of pink. Throw in a paint marker to match and this makes a super special gift that is pretty and cheap!

And there you have it! The 5 step ugly picture to pretty photo message board! What thrifty fun this one is!
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1st Project Night Night Complete!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Oh my goodness, let me start off by saying this is a HUGE weight off my shoulders getting these done! Deep breath out....

I've had four of the night night packages done for a while now and it seemed to be one of those thing that I just never thought of until the middle of the night.. I had to get them done!! I put it on my blog!! What if someone asks about it or thinks that I'm not going to finish it?!?! Yup feel sorry for me because those are the kind of ridiculous thoughts that plague me at night...

My problem was that I was trying to get too many. I ended up calling the shelter and they told me there were nine kids living there currently! Nine kids!

So I marched right out to the store, baby in tow and I got the rest of the stuff for 5 more night night care packages. At least the children living there now will have a little something to make their lives easier!

My Grandmother and I are going to drop them off tomorrow morning. I will absolutely so these again.. however I will network it better. I'll make signs and pesters my friends a little more... ;)

Each bag has a stuffed animal, a blanket, a book, and a toothbrush. I made the last five bigger bags for bigger kids so there was age variation.

I'm so excited to give these to the shelter! Thank you so much to the beautiful people who helped me with this!

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