The Thriftiest Flip Flop Storage Ever

Saturday, March 31, 2012

I just have to give Jen at EPBOT the biggest thank you ever for helping me to figure out a great storage solution for all my flip flops. Follow the link for the tutorial on how to make these for yourself.

These flip flop holders are made from hangers and some spray paint... How simple is that?? I love functional storage that looks really cool and these are both functional and beautiful!

I do not have great closet space to hang these in. I have to work vertically when organizing sometimes. That's why I like to make storage art as i call it. I decided to go with an apple green color to stand out against my walls.

I went with the bend and snap off method for cutting the hangers. I don't recommend this. You should find some good wire cutters if you are going to make these yourself. At first I tried to bend the ends all into perfect little curls that were all the same. This didn't work so I did what I could and I actually really like how they are all different from each other.

After a couple coats of the spray paint (and a little on the basement floor) I hung them all up on the wall using my giant thumb tacks I got at the dollar store.

These will even hold up some other shoe like flats if the hanger is strong enough. I have a couple more on hand just for this summer's flip flops! I love them!

Thanks again Jen. I really enjoyed recreating your idea!
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Operation Organization: Hallway Reorganize

Monday, March 26, 2012

Well I have come to a conclusion. I simply cannot have empty spaces in my home that have no purpose. First of all, my house is too small for all the stuff I have. Valuable storage space should be take advantage of. Second, when there are empty spaces with no purpose this happens...

The space becomes a collect all for junk! This is bad. No matter how much scrubbing, dusting, washing, and vacuuming I do, if there are spaces that look like this then the house just isn't clean.

Therefore, Operation Organization is now in effect, and this ridiculous hallway is my first mission!

This is right outside my bathroom door. If you look at the bottom of the picture, you can see that there is a pretty good sized pile of dirty laundry starting to form. It's obvious to me that this needs to be a laundry space. But first, the space needed to be cleaned out. 

Ahhh... I felt a little bit better already! Next I got these there plastic hampers to organize the laundry. This was not the thriftiest purchase. I could have gotten slightly cheaper hampers but I decided to spend a bit more to get the ones that were easier for me to carry up and down two flights stairs. 

I made this coat rack many years ago out of a cool distressed old board from a broken headboard. I just bought some hooks and screwed them in. Then I hung it up in the middle of the wall for towels and such.

Much better. To pretty the space up a little I made a clothesline sign to hang above the board. 

Then all I needed to do was address the window. This is a west facing window so it gets great light in the afternoon. That being said however, we are also only about 15 ft from our neighbors house so I definitly needed some curtains... 

...and my hallway reorganization is complete!! What do you think? Better?

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DIY Seed Packets

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My family and I are gardening people. We share seeds, plants, harvests and tips every year. Because of this I like to have some diy seed packets on hand to collect and give out seeds from my garden.

I used the seed packet template from Microsoft office 2010 and printed them on scrapbook paper. The template is great. It lets you design the whole thing as intricately as you want. You could even print actual pictures of the plant that the seeds came from on the front.

These are pretty big seed packet but you can make them whatever size you wanted to by adjusting the size.  

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Decorate $1 Mini Birdhouses

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just a quick post here to let you know about this fabulous $1 mini birdhouse opportunity.

Run don't walk to your nearest Dollar Tree or Michael's craft store and get yourself some super cute mini birdhouses and decorate them up! These are mine.. decorated with acrylic paint and some flower decals.

I took these over to my Mom's house to have her and my SIL (sister-in-law) help me decorate them. Even if I don't use them (which I will) it was definitely worth the $3 just for a fun night with the girls. 

Just wanted to share. Happy day everyone. 

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Jessie's Project Night-Night Update

Monday, March 19, 2012

In an earlier post I explained that I was putting together my own Project Night Night. This is where I collect and deliver bedtime packages to my local shelter for homeless children. It's going a bit slower than I thought but it is definitely under way. I just got around the first four packages and they are absolutely adorable.

Each bag has a book, a stuffed animal, and a blanket.

Aren't they sooo cute! My awesome friend Amanda has one all made up for me and I just have to go get it. I also have at least 5 more people making some up too.

I am so excited to do this, I really believe one of these care packages could make a real difference in the life of a child. I also truly believe that one good experience can dramatically improve a child's life.

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