2 liter self watering planters ... This is genius

Monday, February 27, 2012

So as I had said, I started tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, and green onion inside my house for this year's veggie garden. 

I found this fabulous idea for self-watering seed starting pots to start my veggies in at www.desperategardener.com. You can make these super cool pots out of empty two liter bottles. How creative is that?!?! And the best part... they are free. 

These are mine but you can Click Here to view more pictures and to get the instructions on how to make them yourself. 

For my plant markers I glued pieces of orange foam sheets to popsicle sticks. Then I cut out and attached the information from the seed packets to the foam so that when I plant them in the garden I will have all the needed information right there. Yay I can't wait for summer!!

Again, the seeds all started very quickly. Same dollar store seed here too :) So far the cucumbers are doing the best. When I woke up this morning there was one little sprout popping up through the dirt, but you can see many others starting through the clear plastic of the two liter.

In this picture you can also see how the 2 liter planter is put together. 

 My son is still to young to understand, but this would be a great project for the kids. It's really fun to watch your own veggies grow right before your eyes. Not to mention how great they taste AND you know there are no pesticides or chemicals in your produce. I live in zone five so the genereal date the end of frost is April 15th. Right now is the perfect time to start plants indoors so that they are much more mature when they are planted outside. This in turns mean more yummy vegetables for your table. 

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Ready, Set, Go.

Oh wow my first blog post! (insert nervous fidgeting here) HEH HEM Hello. My name is Ms. Smith and I am a craftaholoic... With this crazy mild winter we've been having, I recently found myself just itching with spring fever. I have an overwhelming need to clean, organize, and create. And what better way to start this blog than to tell you all that I have created new life!!

Lettuces that is... :)
I got the first little sprout only 3 days after I planted them. 

These are my dollar store babies and this is how much they have grown in just one week!! I can't believe it.

One little $0.25 package of lettuce seeds will supply my family and I with fresh leaf lettuce for tasty salads all summer long. The seeds sprouted surprisingly fast. I was kind of skeptical of the cheap brand but theses babies are strong. I've also started tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and green onions to move into the garden when it gets warmer. I think I may have to learn how to can veggies.

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